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Judy Hahn

Puzzle-piecing Symptom Detective

I am the “it’s not all in your head” health professional that takes you from feeling “funky” to feeling fabulous! I work with high-performing, take-action people so that they can live the life that they desire without health issues holding them back. If brain fog, fatigue, weight issues, high cholesterol, blood pressure or some mystery symptoms are plaguing you, I am the puzzle-piecing, symptom detective you want on your side.


I am passionate about listening to my clients, not just looking at the numbers on their lab work. It is all about YOU so I customize your program according to YOUR specific needs.  And, I collaborate with you to discover the root cause of your “dis-ease” so you can live life to its fullest, your cup overflowing with abundant energy and laser-sharp focus.

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When was the last time you felt like you truly had vibrant health?

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We should never go it alone. We need a team of support and knowledge to face our everyday lives. TRUE friends lift you UP, provide you with inspiration, AND they push you out of your ruts to get you into the path you should be on rather than the one you’re wrongfully stuck on. This is why I’ve enlisted the services of Hahn Holistic Health as I work through my cancer treatments. Nutrition and mindset will be VITAL as I move forward. I aim to give my body all the armor it can have because everything we put in and on our body is as important as everything we put in our minds!!

My friend  Judy Hahn is one of the most health-knowledgeable, compassionate, full of heart, move you outta your self-imposed rut, LISTENING FIRST kind of people I know. I consider myself beyond blessed to have met her.

Judy has gone above and beyond to learn about my personal diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. She has provided me with knowledge of what I need to put inside my body – and mindset – to fight this. No matter what stage in life you’re on or what bumps on the road you’re encountering, I hope you too will understand HEALTH is a top priority in your life and invest wisely in it. Judy is where I recommend you start

Janice S

It Takes Guts to Be Healthy...isn't just a tag line, it's the truth.

Health Begins in the Gut

Watch this short video as I cover the 8 key roles of your gut. It’s vital component to your well-being, however, it is often overlooked or misunderstood!



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