“My ultimate goal is to help you live a healthier, balanced, more satisfying and joyful life and discover how it feels to live your life to the fullest.” ~Judy

My Approach

Awareness + Action + Accountability = Transformation

I empower, inspire and educate chronically stressed and exhausted businesswomen who are not living life to its fullest in order to regain their energy, vitality and stamina. I create fully customized programs for each client whose unique body needs individualized attention to find the balance that will help them thrive in this crazy fast-paced world of processed food, high stress and little to no self-care.

I use a simple formula of maximizing what each unique body needs, minimizing what is harmful to each unique body and prioritizing an environment for doing what the body, when presented with an appropriate environment, does best…heal itself.  We work on balancing body, mind and spirit because good health is more than exercise and eating organic food.  It is as much about our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs because they too have a direct effect on our body, even to the point of being able to impact our DNA.

As a Functional Wellness Health Coach I do not treat disease, prescribe or diagnose.  It is a client-centered, science-based approach to health that uses positive psychology to move beyond the state of “dis-ease” to a place where instead of surviving, the client is thriving.  I support the body’s natural healing ability and my ultimate goal is to discover and eliminate the root or underlying cause for your symptoms.  This is done in a collaborative approach where the client and I have a partnership in the discovery process rather than the old diagnosis-prescription model that we are used to.

The process is somewhat like detective work and the client provides information through an extensive health history, symptom questionnaire, lab testing and review of current lifestyle habits. Before each appointment the client will provide an updated health assessment and symptom rating so that we always have a way to quantify our progress.

There is no one supplement, no one food, no one anything that is right for everyone.  Every body is unique which is why each client has a program customized specifically for them.  We know, for instance, that two people can have the same symptoms but the root cause of it may be completely different and that is the reason our motto is “test don’t guess.” We make use of a variety of state-of-the-art lab tests to give insight into what is going on inside your body.  But, you, the client, will play an integral part in the process as no one knows your body better than you do and your feedback and observations will help in determining our course of action.  This is very different from what we are used to with traditional medicine where the doctor tells us what to do and doesn’t ask for our opinions.  This is about becoming your own health advocate, participating in the process and decision to work towards your health goals.  It is all about YOU!

Whether working one-on-one or with groups I work virtually using Zoom or Facetime.  This allows my clients to be in the comfort of their own home where our conversations remain completely private, and where they can be relaxed, not stressed fighting traffic to get to my office.

What People are Saying…

I initially went to Judy for wellness coaching which I equated with weight loss. In reality, I found myself with a “life coach” as weight loss and eating involve all aspects of life.   Judy helped me understand my motivations for over eating and what food means to me.  She also helped me overcome lifelong habits that were contributing to my overweight state.  Judy challenged many barriers or roadblocks that I had created in my thinking that kept me rooted in habits that were not doing me any favors. The new insights I gained from Judy’s coaching and education have helped me move forward in developing a much healthier lifestyle. Judy is not prescriptive in the approach she uses.  She strives for understanding and in return helped me understand many things about myself and my behaviors.  Of course, I recommend Judy.  I am totally satisfied and grateful for the coaching she has provided me.Jeanne S

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My Coaching Services

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