Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start?

The first month we will work on getting you some rapid relief from your most annoying symptom.

During that time, you may decide to get some testing done and begin taking some supplements.  It is a getting to know each other period because much of what we will talk about may be completely new to you.  We’ll talk about things that we think we all know about – like breathing, sleeping and how to eat.  We’ll look at what you eat and drink and even talk about your work, your relationships and even about your bathroom habits, because everything that touches us in any way has an effect on our health.

What if I have complex issues?

I understand that body is unique so there is never any one-size-fits-all approach.

Each program is customized for you and what your needs are. And, we will look at your progress before each session to see what might need to be tweaked or changed to make your results and progress the best experience for you. I want to help you reach your personal wellness goals whether they are to get rid of gas and bloating, achieve optimal weight, resolve sleep or digestive issues or just to begin to feel like to used to feel – vibrant and energetic.

How do I get out of this overwhelm?

Little by little we will uncover the real reasons for how you feel and what we can do to make that different for you and if you are willing to be open to it and challenge yourself, you will be amazed at the positive shifts you will make.

This isn’t about making sudden, huge changes. It is about taking small steps over time that when added up, will create a Quantum Leap in your health.