For decades we’ve been taught that fat is bad.

This is a dangerous myth.

Because instead of fat, we’ve been replacing it with sugar. Many people believe this has led to the current diabetes and obesity epidemic.

The truth is that your body actually needs fat in your diet. But there is a difference between fats.

Strive to eat plant-based fats. For example, fats from avocados, coconuts, and nuts are all great for you. Fats from fish are too. And fat from grass-fed beef is good for you as well.

Did you know adding more healthy fats to your diet can BUST cravings?

After a week or two of clean eating your cravings will go away. They are often part of the withdrawal process.

There are tricks that you can embrace to make the cravings go away.

For example, did you know that healthy fats beat sugar cravings? Eat half an avocado or put coconut milk cream in your coffee. You won’t want sugar quite as much any more and you’ll be more easily satisfied, until you’ve gotten out of the sugar habit.

Watch your quantities carefully, especially at first. Fats – even plant-based fats – have a lot of calories. Fats are also what makes your body feel satisfied after eating. Eat slowly and deliberately remembering the 20-minute rule, and let your brain catch up with the fact that you’ve eaten enough.

Clean Eating: Eat more healthy fats!


Judy Hahn

Judy Hahn

Judy is an Immersive Wellness Coach who inspires, empowers, and educates clients who are suffering with chronic health issues, but want to engage fully in both their lives and careers without health issues holding them back. Using personalized functional medicine principles, Judy collaborates with her clients to uncover the root causes of their unique health concerns to employ the best methods for rapid recovery.

Judy supports her clients to learn how to take charge of, and to confidently control, their own health and wellness for long-term results.