Is there anything more frustrating than buying fresh produce and having it go bad within a few days?  Inspecting your fruits and veggies at the store before check-out helps mostly alleviate spoiled produce, among washing your fruits and vegetables and storing them properly once you get them home. 

However, some produce lasts far longer than others, and these items are worth keeping in your weekly grocery rotation — you’ll rarely have these spoil.

  1. Onions
  2. Apples
  3. Potatoes
  4. Winter squash
  5. Garlic
  6. Carrots
  7. Beets
  8. Cabbage
  9. Lemons
  10. Celery

What’s on your weekly grocery rotation?

Every week I buy lots of veggies that I stir fry in clarified butter (ghee) and then season with garlic powder and garlic salt.  English peas, bean sprouts, zucchini, cremini mushrooms, very thinly sliced red onion, broccoli rice, cauliflower rice, baby bok choy,  sliced cabbage or sliced Brussel sprouts.

This is great as a side dish with any of our other food or sometimes at lunch I take organic chicken cut up and add it to the veggies when I am heating them on the stove top. 

Fast and easy for me to have a really healthy lunch when I am studying.

Judy Hahn

Judy Hahn

Judy is an Immersive Wellness Coach who inspires, empowers, and educates clients who are suffering with chronic health issues, but want to engage fully in both their lives and careers without health issues holding them back. Using personalized functional medicine principles, Judy collaborates with her clients to uncover the root causes of their unique health concerns to employ the best methods for rapid recovery.

Judy supports her clients to learn how to take charge of, and to confidently control, their own health and wellness for long-term results.