What People are Saying…

I initially went to Judy for wellness coaching which I equated with weight loss. In reality, I found myself with a “life coach” as weight loss and eating involve all aspects of life.   Judy helped me understand my motivations for over eating and what food means to me.  She also helped me overcome lifelong habits that were contributing to my overweight state.  Judy challenged many barriers or roadblocks that I had created in my thinking that kept me rooted in habits that were not doing me any favors. The new insights I gained from Judy’s coaching and education have helped me move forward in developing a much healthier lifestyle. Judy is not prescriptive in the approach she uses.  She strives for understanding and in return helped me understand many things about myself and my behaviors.  Of course, I recommend Judy.  I am totally satisfied and grateful for the coaching she has provided me.Jeanne S
Judy really helped me explore a variety of ways to think about food and still enjoy eating.  Each session she brought new recipes and ideas, focusing specifically on my needs.  She listened to me and provided great insights into how to incorporate wellness for my mind and body into my daily living.  Thank you Judy!   Lin B
Working with Judy Hahn has changed my life!  It sounds dramatic but it is true.  I’d always wanted to take better care of myself, especially in the area of eating.  Cereal was my go-to dinner and I never cooked.  I knew what I needed to do to improve but could never get myself to do it.  With Judy’s help, I finally changed my behavior and started taking better care of my body.  She introduced me to the wonders of a crock pot, using spices, and trying different types of foods. We examined my love of sugar and found healthier ways to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I became much more aware of the food I was eating and its effect on my body.  As a result, I have started cooking on a regular basis and eating more whole foods.  My relationship with food changed to be much more positive and kind.  I have since actually turned down fried chicken because I felt like it wouldn’t be good for my body – no deprivation, just a simple choice. My cholesterol is down, my energy is up, and I’ve even lost a few pounds.  Judy’s vast knowledge of health (not just food) and compassionate nature helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine.  The program kept me on track but let me be human.  I never felt overwhelmed or despairing because I wasn’t perfect.  She was a partner on my journey rather than a taskmaster and that was exactly what I needed to be able to make lasting changes.  I am so grateful for Judy and the program! Julie H

I met with Judy primarily for accountability.  I thought I had a good plan to lose weight and just needed someone to check up on me.  What I found was a wealth of new information that filled in the gaps of my understanding, including debunking the stories that I was clutching to for comfort.  Today I am more mindful of the behaviors that make me feel great and those that don’t.  I am very appreciative of Judy’s help. Noreen G.