What helps you to wind down?

My usual nighttime calm down routine consists of:  at 9PM all electronics are turned off – phone, computer, etc.   I like to read for a while or write in gratitude journal.  There is truly something special about taking time to be grateful for anything that was good in your day.  Sometimes for me it was that I was running a few minutes late and got all green lights on my way to where I was going.  It can be anything, big or little.


Hopping into bed without turning your mind down a few notches will leave you tossing and turning through a restless night of poor sleep.  Your brain works hard enough during the day, help it to turn off at night adequately.


If you generally look over at the clock and realize it’s past your bedtime, try setting a timer this week to remind you to slowly make your way to your bed calmly and intentionally.


Are you a bedtime reader or phone scroller?