What oil(s) do you generally cook with?

In my kitchen I primarily use avocado oil and MCT oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great option to keep around for dressings and marinades.  Even though they say it has a high smoke point it isn’t one that I use a lot in cooking.


Coconut oil and sesame oil are great for sautéing veggies with — the added flavor is delicious.  Coconut oil will add a bit of sweetness, while sesame oil will have your house smelling like Chinese takeout.  If you aren’t a fan of Coconut oil use the MCT oil that I use.  You will get the benefits of the Coconut oil but with no added taste.


Avocado oil is an excellent option since its smoke point is so high, which is one of the reasons that I use it so much.  This means cooking and baking with avocado oil will not cause the oil to breakdown during the cooking process.


With so many oils to choose from, what’s your favorite to use?